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Brothers Nico and Ethan make up pop's newest phenom: BSIDE.  The guys write, produce, record, edit, mix and master all their tracks by themselves!  Their first single, "Tell Everybody", is out now.
Spicy is Nicey
Cazwell's new music video is muy caliente!  "Spicy" turns up the Latin heat.
Introducing Darlene Love
Darlene Love, featured in the Academy Award-winning documentary 20 Feet From Stardom, is gearing up to release her new album through Columbia Records, "Introducing Darlene Love".
​Gluten Free NYC
New York's newest wine bar, oovina, serves delicious regional wines, Latin tapas style cuisine and craft cocktails that are ALL Gluten free.  
Jonny McGovern, Lady Red Courture, and the entire raucous crew return for the fourth season of their hilarious late night talk show, Hey Qween!
Courtney Paul Works OUT on Bravo TV
Cecilio Asuncion breaks ground on the first all-transgendered modeling agency.
Courtney Paul (center) of Bravo's new reality show, Work Out New York, doesn't throw punches when it comes to his claims of being NYC's top fitness trainer.  New shows are airing now on Bravo.

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Gonna Make Guys Sweat
Novel returns to the dance floor with “Give Me Twenty”, her high-energy ball-buster produced by Grammy Award winning producer Jared Lee Gosslin. 
Not Just Another Girl
Lauren Foster was the first trans model to be featured in the pages of Vogue. That was back in 1980. Now she is touring the country, offering advice to teens and adults who are considering transition. 
​Queen of Late Night
Kristine W's "Love Come Home" is #7 on Nexus Dance Radio's Top 100 list of dance songs for 2015. 
Lucky 7
Teen Dance Queen

Teenage sensation, Athena, is setting the club world on fire with her debut single, Lithium (Dauman). Razor N Guido, Dan De Leon, and Liam Keegan have all released remixes.
Bro-Band Boyband
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Man on a Mission
Michael Lucas uses the stardom adult films have given him as a platform to speak out against drugs, anti-semitism, religious oppression and a host of other social problems.
Boy Bander Breaks OUT
Front man of the nineties boy band, No Authority, comes out as gay; determined to return to stardom on his own terms.
'Things People Ask Gay Dads'... but shouldn't
Questions such as 'How much did you pay for her?' or 'Are you guys raising your child gay?' are just the tip of the iceberg.
Transforming Models
Raphael Takes On Trouble
The soulful electro-pop singer makes his move to the dance floor with “Boys Are Trouble”, a dark, beguiling track about addiction to love.  
Public Relations Manhattan, New York
Shooting Star
Sherry's World
Playing For Life

Raph Solo discusses the meaning behind the provocative music single for his new single, "Star".
Sherry Vine launches her own TV network on Youtube, gaySVTVworld.
Dozens have tried to mimic his work, but there is only one DJ Pornstar. He plays hard on screen and in the booth.